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Seize the opportunity to join the booming global Bourbon market.

Diversify your portfolio by investing in Bourbon…that only gets better with age.
  • Diversify your portfolio with premium Bourbon investments
  • Benefit from consistent growth patterns and strategic tax-optimized investments
  • Rely on the expertise of experienced whiskey connoisseurs managing barrel investments
  • Capitalize on the ever-growing global demand for Bourbon

The Economics of Whiskey

Investing in barrels of whiskey has several advantages over traditional investments, such as stocks, particularly in the current economic climate. Whiskey is not directly tied to any financial markets. Therefore, it is not as significantly affected by outside influences such as economic recessions. The value of the whiskey itself is largely determined by its age and will increase over time.

Global Bourbon Sales 2017-2028 (projected) in Millions $USD

Global Bourbon Sales 2017-2022 By Type in Millions of Liters

Demand for Whiskey on the Rise

Global consumption of Bourbon has risen sharply in recent years and the forecast is for continued growth.  Currently, the demand for Bourbon far outstrips the available supply making Bourbon an attractive investment opportunity.

  Traditional Bourbon   Wheat Bourbon   Rye Bourbon

All-time High

Global Bourbon Opportunity

Since the expansion of the global export market in the mid-90s, trade agreements have helped increase exports and ensure trading partners respect the ‘distinctive product recognition’ that has protected bourbon’s reputation internationally. That means that every bottle sold in foreign markets where the US has trade agreements complies with America’s legal definition of the spirit. As a distinct US product, bourbon has a bright future on the global market!

  Europe   Asia Pacific   Latin America

Non-US Projected Sales in Millions of Liters

How is investing in whiskey with
The Bourbon Reserve different?

All of our bourbon investment opportunities undergo a stringent vetting process designed to comprehensively review for potential and marketability. This vetting process ensures a resilient investment structure that seeks to reduce risk and maximize investor returns.

WEIT is an acronym for Whiskey Equity Investment Trust. In simple terms, a WEIT is an investment fund that, by its investment mandate, purchases barrels of whiskey and holds them in trust for a specified period. At the specified date, the fund will sell the barrels to a qualified buyer and distribute the net investment proceeds to the investor(s). Investing in private markets and alternatives, such as this offering, is speculative and involves a risk of loss, and those investors who cannot afford to lose their entire investment should not invest. Returns are not guaranteed.

While many whiskey fund managers invest in Bourbon as an asset class, most have no hands-on expertise in this specialized field. The Bourbon Reserve is truly different. The fund management team at the Bourbon Reserve also owns and successfully operates multiple distilling companies. This allows the Bourbon Reserve to tap into this specialized expertise and operate at the leading edge of Bourbon trends in the domestic and global markets.  

The Bourbon Reserve is more than just an investment fund. It is also the first-of-its-kind digital Bourbon exchange. Buyers of Bourbon, both domestic and international, can use the Bourbon Reserve to locate, purchase and ship barrels of Bourbon directly to them. The Bourbon Reserve’s rickhouses are located near the shores of Lake Erie, providing efficient access to both international water and domestic rail methods of shipping. 

Introducing ReserveRank, our business intelligence-driven ranking system for understanding past, current, and future factors that determine the quality and value of bourbon. ReserveRank identifies and tracks the value of whiskey on the global market to establish a consistent quantitative and qualitative comparison system.

Unlike many whiskey investments, The Bourbon Reserve takes physical possession of all Bourbon purchases by the fund. This is important for several reasons:

  • Quality Control. Each barrel of bourbon purchased undergoes a strict vetting process by the science team to ensure the Bourbon Reserve is investing in top-quality Bourbon.

  • Climate. Everybody knows that where a barrel of Bourbon is aged is equally important to its quality as to what ingredients it is made from. Toledo, Ohio is the home of the Bourbon Reserve and is considered one of the top climates to age Bourbon due to its wide range of temperatures and humidity levels experienced throughout the year. 

  • Security and Monitoring. The Bourbon Reserve stores all Barrels owned by the Fund in an on-site, high-security facility.
  • Favorable Tax Treatment: Ohio is a tax haven for Bourbon investors.  Unlike many states, Ohio does not impose an annual property tax on aging Bourbon.  In contrast, an 18-year Bourbon aged in Kentucky has been taxed at least 18 times before it's even bottled.  

Interested in the Global Bourbon Market?