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Investment Opportunity

Which Fund is Right for You?

Scheduled 3-year, 5-year, 10-year, and 10+ year investments secured by barrels of premium bourbon

  • Assurance: Subscribers can invest with confidence knowing their contribution is backed by a real asset that increases in value each year.

  • Attractive returns: On a risk-adjusted basis, Bourbon offers exceptional return potential when compared to traditional investment asset classes.

  • Bourbonomics 101: Many economists have opined that the demand for bourbon is highly inelastic. In plain English, as the price of Bourbon continues to rise, demand for the product, both domestically and internationally, also continues to rise.

  • One size does not fit all. Offerings designed around your individual situation with pre-determined exit strategies in 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years.

Backed by Real Assets

Diversification! Diversification! Diversification!

Did you know the SEC estimates that at least 40% of all registered funds hold an investment in at least one other fund?

Bourbon is not like most investments typical to a portfolio. It is a highly regulated asset that requires special knowledge, licensing, and capabilities to allow for the viability of Bourbon as a portfolio holding. 

To include Bourbon in a portfolio, an investment manager needs to:

  • Find available barrels and negotiate a purchase agreement
  • Collaborate with a licensed entity for legal purchase and "Transfer-in-bond"
  • Create testing and grading protocols for investment-worthy barrels
  • Find or set up a rickhouse facility for barrel storage until maturity
  • Organize legal transportation of barrels from the distillery to the rickhouse
  • Employ staff to manage barrel rotation in the rickhouse
  • Pay annual property taxes on aging barrels (not applicable in Ohio)
  • Locate a qualified buyer at program maturity and arrange a legal sale and transfer-in-bond

Clearly, managing Bourbon as a portfolio asset is more complex than purchasing most other securities.

With The Bourbon Reserve's expertise, institutions and family offices can easily invest in Bourbon as a portfolio asset through a hassle-free solution. Just sign the institutional subscription agreement, and The Bourbon Reserve handles the entire investment process from start to finish.

Interested in the Global Bourbon Market?