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The Art of Bourbon Investment

Elevating Your Tasting Experience

If you pride yourself on being a Bourbon aficionado, you likely don't just gulp down this liquid gold without savoring its complexities. Whether it's Weller, Elijah Craig, Woodford Reserve, or Michter's that graces your glass, there's a high probability that you're not extracting its full value. The art of Bourbon tasting is a nuanced skill, one that even seasoned drinkers may not fully grasp.

The Professional Approach

Fear not, for we're here to guide you through the labyrinth of Bourbon tasting, much like any whiskey-tasting course or distillery tour would. Each step in this process is crucial; miss one, and you're not doing justice to your investment in that prized bottle of Bourbon.

While not a deal-breaker, the right glassware can significantly enhance your tasting experience. The Glencairn glass, with its rounded bottom and narrow top, is ideal for concentrating aromas and facilitating swirling. Alternatively, a tulip-style glass can also serve the purpose well. Begin by pouring a modest 2-ounce serving into your chosen glass. Observe the hue; is it amber or mahogany? The color can offer insights into the Bourbon's age and, consequently, its complexity.

A gentle swirl can reveal the Bourbon's 'legs,' indicating its viscosity and alcohol content. This action also helps to release the spirit's aromas. Contrary to popular belief, nosing starts with your mouth slightly open to prevent the alcohol from overwhelming your sense of smell. The aromas you detect can range from heat and spices to more complex scents like vanilla or toffee. Your first few sips are more about acclimating your palate to the Bourbon's heat. Once that initial burn subsides, the real tasting begins.

Hold the Bourbon in your mouth for 20-30 seconds, allowing it to envelop your tongue. Inhale some air after swallowing to reveal additional flavors. Some enthusiasts even employ the "Kentucky chew" to further explore the spirit's complexities. For cask-strength or high-proof Bourbons, adding a few drops of water can open up new dimensions in the tasting experience. Finally, relish the aftertaste. Is it warming? What flavors linger? This is the moment to savor the return on your Bourbon investment.

The Joy of Tasting

Remember, while the process may seem intricate, the ultimate goal is enjoyment. Your palate is unique, and the flavors and aromas you detect add to the fun of the experience. After all, a well-informed investor is a successful one.

About the author

Andrew Newby

Andrew is a passionate entrepreneur and experienced tech strategist with a deep love for the Bourbon industry. As the CEO of The Bourbon Reserve, he leads the charge in navigating the exciting world of Bourbon investments. Andrew's entrepreneurial spirit extends to co-founding The Toledo Spirits Co. and HEAVY Beer Co., where he has played an instrumental role in their growth and success. Alongside his ventures in the spirits industry, Andrew boasts a strong background in software product development, making him a versatile leader in both the Bourbon and tech worlds.