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How it Works

Our combination of whiskey and technology expertise makes it possible to own bourbon from the day of distillation through maturation. The Bourbon Reserve offers a new asset class that allows our clients to diversify their portfolios by investing in premium spirits…that only get better with age.

We buy bourbon.

We purchase bourbon in bulk at the moment of manufacturing.

We securitize the bourbon.

We file the offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

You invest in the bourbon.

You invest in the bourbon with a pre-set exit strategy.

We hold the bourbon.

We then store the barrels of bourbon in ideal climates. The purpose of this is to hold the bourbon until its value has increased, at which point it can be sold for a profit. 

We sell the bourbon.

Our experts monitor the market and keep track of the value of the bourbon over time. This involves staying up to date on market trends and looking for opportunities to sell the bourbon when its value is high.

You profit from the bourbon.

Investors will receive their pro-rata share of the proceeds from the sale of the bourbon. See individual offerings for details.

Interested in the Global Bourbon Market?