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The Bourbon Reserve is democratizing whiskey investing by providing unparalleled access to bourbon markets through its family of proprietary
Whiskey Equity Investment Trusts (WEIT)™.


The Bourbon Reserve

Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, The Bourbon Reserve is an investment management company that offers an innovative alternative for investors seeking to combat high inflation, deteriorating bond market conditions, and high equity-market volatility. Through its proprietary series of WEIT funds, The Bourbon Reserve offers multiple investment strategies that provide unparalleled access to the lucrative whiskey markets.    

How do we do this? The Bourbon Reserve has developed relationships with the best distilleries who, in aggregate, are producing thousands of barrels of high-quality bourbon every year.

Leveraging these relationships, a Bourbon Reserve WEIT fund purchases specified inventories of bourbon to be held for a pre-determined period. Upon maturation, the appreciated barrels are sold via optimized exit strategies, and the net investment proceeds are distributed to the investors.

As it currently stands, the global market demand for bourbon greatly exceeds the supply and this phenomenon is expected to continue for the next several decades.

We combine decades of distilling experience with financial market expertise.

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Newby

Chief Marketing Officer

Dustin Wade

Chief Science Officer

Lukas Kummer

Chief Investment Officer

Mark McCanney

Chief Operating Officer

Eric Seyboldt

We are committed to making, sourcing, and brokering great whiskey from honest ingredients with patience and care.

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