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A Kentucky Bonded Bourbon Portfolio

Bluegrass WEIT™

Introducing the Bluegrass WEIT™—a specialized $2 million Kentucky Bourbon Fund targeting exceptional returns through the aging and sale of premium high-rye Bourbon. With a strategic investment in over 1000 barrels, this 5-year fund aims to capitalize on the significant, and ever-increasing, market demand for mature, bonded Bourbon. Holding these barrels for half a decade ensures they will meet the criteria for bonded Bourbon, a category that is expected to be even more coveted in the years to come. Current market trends underscore the scarcity of aged Bourbon, offering a unique investment opportunity to tap into a market where demand overwhelmingly outstrips supply. Secure your stake in this promising asset and position yourself ahead of the curve with the Bluegrass WEIT™.

Please refer to the adjoining STATUS CHART to see the availability of subscriptions for this WEIT™.

Status: Active
Fund Size
1000+ ASB

Investment Opportunity

Overview of Portfolio

A scheduled, 5-year investment secured by 1000+ barrels of premium, straight bourbon

  • Assurance: Subscribers of The Bluegrass WEIT can invest with confidence knowing their contribution is backed by a real asset that increases in value each year.

  • Attractive returns: On a risk-adjusted basis, Bourbon offers exceptional return potential when compared to traditional investment asset classes.

  • Bourbonomics 101: Many economists have opined that the demand for bourbon is highly inelastic. In plain English, as the price of Bourbon continues to rise, demand for the product, both domestically and internationally, also continues to rise.

Market Backdrop

Why should I consider investing?

  • An alternative investment, secured by a real asset that offers greater upside potential than traditional safe-money investment alternatives. Additionally, due to natural appreciation in value the longer it’s held in the barrelhouse, bourbon offers investors the ability to outpace inflation.

  • Not directly correlated with broader equity markets or macroeconomic activity, so this investment can be the shelter in the volatile equity market storm and improve portfolio diversification.

  • The Global Bourbon market is growing rapidly. What's Fueling the Billion-Dollar Bourbon Boom? | VinePair

Cash Flow

How do I get paid?

  • The investment mandate for this WEIT calls for the liquidation of the entire tranche of inventory in approximately 5 years. Investors can expect a distribution based on the terms of their subscription agreement
  • The target ROI for investors in this WEIT™ is based on the historically proven continuous increase in value bourbon has experienced over the past 20+ years.

Interested in the Global Bourbon Market?